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FSG 11 – Nuclear Ordnance

Note FSG 11 Nuclear Ordnance includes, in particular, nuclear ordnance training weapons, practice ballistic units, and all components specially designed therefor, when not specifically classified elsewhere. Also included in the group are specially designed simulators and mockups, which are integral parts of the above.

Excluded from this group are general purpose nose cones, case sections, flare sections or center sections designed to carry payloads other than nuclear and/or for use on a missile, rocket, or re-entry vehicle to attain the necessary aerodynamic configuration.

FSG 11 - Nuclear Ordnance
1105 Nuclear Bombs – Note-This class includes nuclear weapons (including bombs), which are designed to be dropped from an aircraft. Includes Ballistic cases, tail assemblies, retardation devices, and other peculiar components which are not classifiable elsewhere. Excludes Parachute canopies and canopy hardware.
1110 Nuclear Projectiles – Note- This class includes nuclear weapons which are designed to be propelled from a recoilless rifle, gun, howitzer, or the like, and which are not designed to be self-propelled. Includes Ogive sections, body sections, bases, and other peculiar components which are not classifiable elsewhere.
1115 Nuclear Warheads and Warhead – Sections. Note This class includes nuclear warheads (without or assembled with case sections, adaption kits, and/or fuzing and firing components) which are to be used in or with bombs, rockets, projectiles, missiles, demolition charges, or the like. Also includes case sections, nose cones, flare sections, center sections, and auxiliary structural components of missiles, rockets, and re-entry vehicles which are designed or constructed for exclusive use with or for housing of nuclear warheads and/or warhead sections. Includes Components and parts peculiar to the warhead or warhead section, which are not classifiable in more specific classes. Excludes Such components as fuzing and firing devices, nuclear components, high explosive components, classifiable in more specific classes, and items such as projectiles and bombs which include the entire outer case of a weapon.
1120 Nuclear Depth Charges. Note-This class includes nuclear weapons which consist of depth charge bodies assembled with nuclear warheads. It includes training weapons and all specially designed components which are not classifiable elsewhere.
1125 Nuclear Demolition Charges. Note-This class includes nuclear weapons which are designed to be emplaced in or near a structure, area, or the like, which is to be destroyed. The weapons may include accessories. Includes Outer cases, case sections, and other peculiar components, which are not classifiable elsewhere.
1127 Nuclear Rockets – Note-This class includes nuclear weapons, consisting of rocket bodies assembled with nuclear warheads, which comprise a single item of supply and are issued as such. Includes Components peculiar to assembled rockets which are not classifiable elsewhere. Excludes Rocket Motors; Warhead Components; Rocket Components classified in other FSC classes.
1130 Conversion Kits, Nuclear Ordnance. Note-This class includes collections of items used for the purpose of converting nuclear weapons from one configuration to another.
1135 Fuzing and Firing Devices, Nuclear Ordnance. Includes such items as fuzes, power supplies, firing sets, x-units, cables, safing devices, adaption kits, and re-entry vehicle nuclear ordnance arming and fuzing systems.
1140 Nuclear Components – Includes All components which contain or simulate nuclear active materials. Excludes end items, such as bombs, projectiles, warheads, and the like.
1145 Explosive and Pyrotechnic. Components, Nuclear Ordnance. Note-This class includes actual and simulated explosive and pyrotechnic components peculiar to all nuclear ordnance end items, such as bombs, demolition charges, rockets, projectiles, warheads, and related systems. Excluded from this class are all explosive and pyrotechnic components designed for other than nuclear ordnance applications.
1190 Specialized Test and Handling – Equipment, Nuclear Ordnance. Includes Specially designed trucks and trailers for nuclear ordnance; Specially designed slings and hoists; Operational, test, and setting devices, and cradles; Conditioning Kits and Sets, Controlled Environment. Excludes Hand tools; Instruments for use on both nuclear ordnance and other equipment; Basic types of electrical and electronic test instruments, including those specially designed, such as ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, and similar instruments, as shown in the indexes in the FSC.
1195 Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance. Includes Items common to more than one class or items not properly fitting into the foregoing classes of nuclear ordnance.