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FSG 18 – Space Vehicles

Note- FSG 18 includes space vehicles, such as space capsules, man-made moons, orbitals, satellites, space platforms, and the like, manned or unmanned. Excluded from this group are guided missiles and rockets.

FSG 18 - Space Vehicles
1810 Space Vehicles
Note-This class includes only complete
space vehicles, whether in assembled or unassembled form.
1820 Space Vehicle Components
Includes Structural Components; Components and Accessories specially designed for installation in or on Space Vehicles; Internal (Built-in) Control Systems. Excludes Remote Guidance Equipment.
1830 Space Vehicle Remote Control
Systems Includes Specifically designed Components of Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems. Excludes Internal (Built-in) Control Systems;
Components designed for use with
both Guided Missile and Space Vehicle
1840 Space Vehicle Launchers
Includes Launchers specifically designed for Space Vehicles. Excludes Launchers used with both
Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles.
1850 Space Vehicle Handling and Servicing Equipment. Note-This class does not include space vehicle aerial recovery system which are classified in Class 1670. Includes Specially designed Trucks and Trailers for use in transporting Space Vehicles;
Specially designed Slings, Hoists,
Jacks, and Blowers, Self-propelled Vehicles, specially designed for space vehicle handling or servicing; Covers, space vehicle. Excludes Equipment used in handling or servicing both Guided Missile and Space
1860 Space Survival Equipment
Includes Food and Water Production Equipment; Air Production Equipment;
Shelter Equipment; Power Generation and Conversion Equipment. Excludes Items which are integral components
of Space Vehicles.